Top recent TLPA achievements

  • Treating Eurasian milfoil in conjunction with Three Lakes Association (TLA), and working with Tip of the Mitt Watershed Center to “map” shorelines around Torch Lake in need of protection and/or treatment. Restarting Eurasian milfoil scouting and treatment in conjunction with TLA.
  • Legally negotiating a settlement with a developer to reduce a subdivision, protect wetlands, and move the septic systems further from the lake shoreline.
  • Financially supporting the Kalkaska sheriff for Sand Bar policing over the Fourth of July, including funding porta-jons and trash bins.

Key accomplishments over the past 20 years

  • Contributed money to Eurasian Milfoil eradication effort in Alden harbor
  • Succeeded in opposing a high-density condo development close by Torch River and sensitive wetlands
  • Contracted with the health department and Watershed Center to test Torch Lake waters for E.Coli near problematic streams flowing into Torch Lake
  • Challenged in court an approved DNR permit for dredging for a water line in Torch Lake Township; final consent order by the court reduced dredging by 90 percent
  • Contracted with Tip of the Mitt Watershed Center to provide a parcel map of all properties in the Torch Lake watershed as a first step in identifying prime properties in the watershed for possible protection