History of tlpa

In 1997- 98 TLPA was formed as a 501c3 organization, although the original organization, TLPOA was formed in 1994 to assist neighbors who were the plaintiffs in a legal issue against the DNR. Now, we work with townships to ensure they follow their own ordinances. One example is a development in Helena township where TLPA enlisted the aid of an environmental firm to investigate and come up with options that would better protect Torch. This work resulted in the township requesting the developer to relocate the septic systems further away from the lake and reduce the number of lots for sale. Recently we went to the township again to enforce their ordinances concerning this same development.

The RV Park is another example of encouraging a township to enforce its ordinances. We are working with a newly formed organization to fund environmental studies that should be completed prior to permits for a large “luxury” park at the SW corner of the lake. We did take a legal stand against a promoter who was enticing large out-of-control crowds to the Sand Bar. This resulted in a judgment that has seen reduced unruly and dangerous actions. We will continue to monitor actions at this southern sand bar, and other gathering spots around the lake.

Torch Lake is open to all

As an organization, we encourage and promote members, property owners and visitors to adopt good, safe practices that will keep the lake “healthy.” In this regard, we have teamed up with TLA (Three Lakes Assoc.) and TCC (Torch Conservation Center) to educate everyone about the dangers of fertilizer. Our campaigns are promoting buffer zones at the lakefront, planting native shrubs, and maintaining septic systems, in addition to eliminating the use of fertilizer.