The People

Torch Lake Protection Alliance
Board of Directors
Committee Participation 2023 - 2024

Current Board Members (as of SEPTEMBER 1, 2023):

                                Randy Asmus – Torch Lake       Township (TLT)

                          Laura Atkinson – Milton

                    Sharon Hill – Milton   

                           Bruce Hulteen – Milton 

              Mark Jasonowicz – TLT 

Tom Joseph- TLT

          Steve Kelley – Milton

                Richard Knopf – Helena

                          Dave Martin – Forest Home

                Dan Sajkowski – Milton

  Board Advisors:

             Bob Milliron – Milton 

                      Norm Neuenschwander – Clwtr 


President – Dan Sajkowski
Vice President – Dave Martin
Secretary – Bruce Hulteen
        Treasurer – Mark Jasonowicz          Business Administrator: Therry Colombo


Nominating Committee

Dan Sajkowski – Chair
Bruce Hulteen, Laura Atkinson


Dan Sajkowski  – Chair
Dave Martin, Mark Jasonowicz, Bruce Hulteen, Tom Joseph

Community Fund Advisory

Mark Jasonowicz – Chair

Randy Asmus, Sharon Hill

Board Development/Screening

Dan Sajkowski – Chair

Bruce Hulteen, Laura Atkinson 


Dan Sajkowski – Chair

Sharon Hill, Mark Jasonowicz, Tom Joseph, Dave Martin

Board Development and Succession

Dan Sajowski – Chair

Bruce Hulteen, Laura Atkinson


Mark Jasonowicz – Chair

Norm Neuenschwander

Keep Torch Lake Blue

Project Team:
Tom Joseph – Project Manager
Bob Milliron (Advisor), Rick Knopf, Peg Comfort (TCC), Trish Narwold (TCC), Wayne Lancaster (Volunteer), Dale Robertson (USGS)

Fundraising Campaign:                                                     Dave Martin – Chair                                                            Dan Sajkowski, Todd Collins (TLA), Duane Meyer (volunteer), Gary Petty (volunteer), Therry Colombo (business administrator), Haley Breniser (campaign consultant) 

Program – Sub-Committees:

Rick Knopf

Joint Eurasian Watermilfoil
Bob Milliron, Randy Asmus




Bruce Hulteen – Lead
Randy Asmus, Therry Colombo, Tom Joseph, Laura Atkinson

Communications – Sub-Committees

Newsletter                                                                          Bruce Hulteen, Jim Gerlach

Dave Martin – Chair

GEM/Taste of Torch

       Bruce Hulteen – Chair



I believe in the goals and mission of the organization, and I will act responsibly and prudently
as its steward. My behavior as a board member will be consistent with values and mission of
the organization.

As part of my responsibilities as a board member:

  1. I will represent and serve as an ambassador for the organization adhering to its principles and promote a positive image.
  2. I will strive to attend a majority of board meetings including any committee meetings to which I am assigned. I will attend the annual meeting.
  3. I will act in the best interests of the organization and exclude myself from discussions and votes where I have a conflict of interest.
  4. I will stay informed about the activities and current issues concerning the board and Torch Lake activities and its environment. I will ask questions and request information. I will participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, and other board matters.
  5. I will work in good faith with other board members as partners towards achievement of our goals and support board decisions.
  6. I will serve on a minimum of one board committee.

Under the law, a non-profit board member must meet three standards of conduct:
Duty of Care: Means exercising your best judgment when making decisions.
Duty of Loyalty: Means putting aside your personal and professional interests for the good of the organization.
Duty of Obedience: Means ensuring that TLPA stays true to its mission and purpose by overseeing distribution of funds and monitoring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.