Sand Bar Safety Fund

Keeping Everyone Safe When They Belly Up to the Sand Bar

The Sand Bar at the southern end of Torch Lake – with its ankle-deep waters and rippling sand — has been an attraction for residents and visitors alike for decades. Several years ago, however, the activities became loud, unruly, and unsafe. Promoters from downstate and out-of-state were bringing busloads of people to the area, especially for the 4th of July weekend. This resulted in thousands of people coming up to the lake with no place to stay; DJ’s who played loud music from barges on the lake; and companies who sold merchandise and food to party-goers from boats along the Sand Bar. TLPA brought suit against the promoter and an injunction was issued that prevented any promotion and/or sponsorship of large parties or events on the Sand Bar and, thereafter, required permits to be obtained prior to any event.

To ensure the safety of residents and visitors, TLPA provides financial support to local law enforcement over the 4th of July (paying overtime expenses for the Sheriff’s oversight). We also provide trash receptacles and porta-jons, and serve on a township Sand Bar Task Force. Clean-up after the 4th has remained a volunteer effort by many on and around the lake.

To fund the expenses incurred during the 4th, in particular, we created the Sand Bar Safety Fund. Any donations designated for that fund are exclusively used to assist TLPA in our continuing efforts to ensure the Sand Bar remains safe and family-friendly.

If you are interested in donating to the Sand Bar Safety Fund, please visit, or send your check to: TLPA, PO Box 706, Bellaire, MI 49615.

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