Comment Period is open until March 21st for DNR Torch River Bridge Boat Launch Feedback

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The DNR has informed us of the following information relating to the new boat launch next to the Torch River Bridge.

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District Office:  Gaylord District Office
WRD Contact:  Keri Kent,
County:  Antrim
Public Notice Start Date:  March 1, 2023
Public Notice End Date:  March 21, 2023
Site Name: 05-Torch River Bridge DNR BAS-Rapid City
Application Submission Number:  HPP-1N6X-5N5WE
Applicant:  Matt Lincoln, DNR
Project Location: Torch River Bridge DNR BAS, Rapid City
TRS:  28N08W06
Regulatory Authorities Under NREPA:  Part 301, Inland Lakes and Streams
The applicant proposes to remove an existing concrete jetty, approximately 6.7 feet wide by 68.6 linear feet, 58 linear feet of concrete sidewalk at the ordinary high-water mark (OHWM), and the existing boat ramp at the Torch River Bridge access site; and dredge approximately 114 cubic yards of material from the shore and bottomlands of Torch Lake to facilitate the new boat launch area, spoils to be removed to an off-site, upland location. Then, construct a new 46-foot-wide by 60-foot-long boat ramp consisting of 30 pre-cast 18 foot by 4 foot concrete planks, 66 cubic yards of #4 stone gravel base, 23 cubic yards of rock riprap protection along the sides, and a 41-foot-long, 1.5-foot-high rubber prop-wash deflector belt at the bottom of the ramp. The applicant also proposes to have the option of utilizing a 213 linear foot cofferdam to dewater a maximum area of 4,640 square feet in order to construct the new boat ramp in the dry. The new boat ramp is proposed to be serviced with two 40-foot-long seasonal skid-piers.
In addition, applicant proposes to grade 464 square feet of the former sidewalk area to a 1-on-3 slope to stabilize the shoreline in front of an existing retaining wall and proposes to have the option of placing a maximum of 17 cubic yards of rock riprap, at a 1-on-2 slope or gentler, along 58 linear feet of shoreline if the foundation of the retaining wall requires further stabilization. The applicant also proposes to install two stormwater outlets associated with the new boat launch parking lot below the OHWM, impacting an approximate total of 15.5 square feet of Torch Lake bottomland, with approximately 1 cubic yard of rock riprap surrounding each outlet, extending a maximum of 5 feet lakeward of the OHWM.
The applicant proposes to add approximately 23 cubic yards of clean soil to an approximate 480 square foot area along the Torch Lake shoreline, approximately 80 feet long to a maximum width of 8 feet lakeward of the OHWM to assist in the drainage profile of the adjacent parking area. The area is proposed to have a final 1-on-3 grade with an 80 foot long temporary coir log wave break to assist in vegetation establishment.
The applicant also proposes to discharge approximately 5 cubic yards of gravel and soil fill to Torch Lake to create a walk-in kayak launch, approximately 20 feet wide and extending a maximum of 8 feet lakeward of the OHWM.
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